Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Search

It has been a long week. Not too busy, but long. The reason it has been so long is because I find myself looking for a way to get back to the basics and recapture my convictions. It isn't the easiest thing when the path you started on in now far behind you and hidden in a thick fog of regret and bad decisions, but each day reminds me that in the end the struggle is always worth it. I have never been the type to run from a challenge and I hate to be dared by anyone to do anything, so even in the face of depression and failure I have to keep a positive attitude and push through the latest barriers placed in front of me. This blog post will be a little different. When I turned my computer on I had a different idea of what I wanted to write today, but I decided to put a challenge out there, a challenge for myself and anyone else who wants to take it. This week I will commit to writing 3 blog entries. I promise this weeks blog entries will not be preachy and melancholy, but they will be my commitment to myself and you the readers. I challenge you to commit to something that is important to you this week, no matter how big or how small it may be. Oh, by the way. A friend of mine told me that she thought my blogs were too long. Some of you may agree or disagree with this. In this age of Facebook and Twitter where everything needs to fit into a space of 150 characters or less reading can seem inconvenient at times. So I apologize if it seems like I am trying to monopolize anyone's precious time by asking you to take a minute and read  a little, so I will take a moment and let you know that I will not be in the least bit upset if you do not read every single word of my blog, and who cares if you skip an entry or two. I will however take a moment and say that I would be sad to see literature go the way of the dinosaur simply because we decide to stop taking the time to pick up a book, kindle, tablet, magazine, or whatever it is you like to read. Once again, the written word can be a powerful tool, or a deadly weapon even in this day of digital technology. So in honor of my friend (you know who you are), this will be the shortest blog entry you will ever see me write. Thanks again for stopping by.

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